Coin Growth Trading Ltd - A bigger vision for your financial future

We're an investment comapny providing a range of investment services to support our clients in business and in life.
Coin Growth Trading Ltd is the most reliable online trades and Investment platform. We offer simplified Investment management and trades in Forex, indices, cryptocurrencies, and NFT's to millions of registered users across the globe. From inception, our goal was to build billionaires network across the globe to elevate poverty. Also, we aim to deliver a first-class experience to reliable trading and investment platform. In a journey spanning more than +4 years experience in the financial liberation through investments and trading. But our mission has remained the same.
We’re focused on empowering you financially right throughout your life. Our approach is holistic – we’ll give you better insight into your financial opportunities, end-to-end financial solutions and access to a broader range of services.

Markets can be unpredictable, but we don’t want your financial future to be. We aim to deliver reliable returns across different market environments, while managing risks and capturing new opportunities for you.


Legal Company

Coin Growth Trading Ltd

is officially registered in the United Kingdom Company House With registration number 11498630, Suite 2a Blackthorn House, St. Pauls Square, Birmingham, United Kingdom, B3 1RL


Our Methodology

We believe the dynamic nature of investment markets, coupled with our expertise, lets us add value over and above the markets we operate in. For many of our funds, we aim for investment returns above those of the relevant market index. Put simply, we aim to outperform the benchmark.

  • Client Oriented
  • Timely Transactions
  • Consistent Returns
  • Secure Web Platform
  • Professional Support
  • User Friendly

Financial Wellness on demand

We understand that everyone has different financial goals. We can help you choose the best strategy to complement your financial needs, support your long-term plans and enhance your personal situation.

  • Integrity

    The interests of members and our fiduciary duties are at the heart of everything we do.

  • Focus

    We strive to offer meaningful responsible investment strategies to help support investment choices.

  • Understanding

    We listen carefully to all sides of the conversation to continually deepen our understanding.